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Anything Mod is module for Joomla 1.5, 2.5 and 3.x that loads any other module(s) you choose inside of a hidden container. Once the user hovers or clicks the button, a jQuery script fades in the container either above, below, left or right of the button. Examples of this module can be seen around the site.You can load as many Anything Mods as you wish on one page by using different module ids and you can load as many modules into Anything Mod as you want.

See it in action above!icons

How do I set it up?

Anything Mod is very easy to use once you know how it works. Below is an example of how to set it up. In this example, we are using the lock button to display the login box in the top position.

Anything Mod setup

Step 1. Install Anything Mod and publish to top position. (or whatever position you want. Top is for this example)
Step 2. Choose what pages to display it on.
Step 3. If you are going to use more than 1 on the same page, fill in the unique ID
Step 4. Choose the mod position to display in the container. Choose any unique name you want. In our example we are using pplogin.
Step 5. Choose what type of mod you want to display. (use rounded if you want class suffixs to show inside of container)
Step 6. Choose what button to display.
Step 7. Set the params for the container itself, like border, padding etc.
Step 8. Enter Alternate text for button.
Step 9. Chose where the container shows up relative to the button.
Step 10. Select to show container on Mouseover or Click.
Step 11. Set your Appear/Disappear Effects.
Step 12. Save

Container Module Setup
In this example, we want to show the login box. So we are editing the login module.

Step 1. Enter position for module. Use the same position as you entered in Anything Mod. In our example, we are using pplogin.
* This is a powerful feature of Joomla 1.5. It doesn't have to be in the list. Click in the list and type in your position. For 2.5, just type i your position.
Step 2. Choose what pages to display it on. They must be exactly the same as in Anything Mod.
Step 3. Save


That's it. Pretty simple huh? The example at the top of the page is setup this way, but we added two more mods. Who's Online and a custom HTML module are both published to the position of "pplogin" as well.


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anything mod
This clever module loads another module in a popup. It is included FREE with Layers.
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